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Crevan Fox's Den

Death by teacup

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I'm a sarcastic, defiant weirdo who loves being unconventional-just like everyone else. I can be offensive at times, because as it was once said-"Tact is just not saying true stuff. Pass." (Cordelia, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) so don't take it seriously, or don't read my journal. Either/or.

I am a cliched feminist, left wing, vegetarian, college grad without a decent job, Pagan, who wears a lot of black and has several cats. I am CF (that'd be childfree-not childless). I am also a geek, my fandoms include, but are not limited to: Stargate SG-1, Guys named Bob from multiple fandoms (don't ask), All Star Treks except the original and the remake (Blaa), Battlestar Galactica the remake, The Dresden Files, Lost Girl, Supernatural, M*A*S*H, Terminator:The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Runaways comics, Women of the Otherworld, making fun of the Twilight series of books(ha ha- he sparkles?!?!?)and anything every created, touched or peripherially connected to Joss Whedon (at least until Dollhouse). Seriously, wtf happened there? Feminist my ass, Joss.

I'm mostly into Supernatural right now, but I don't ship. I am the only person in the world watching it gen. Incest, blasphemy and necrophilia squick me out (that'd be brothers, angels and all the women, respectively).

Feel free to friend/defriend me at will. I will feel the same freedom in regards to your journal.

"Touch it. Touch it. It doesn't bite" - strange man downtown
"well, you have my penis" - fearthemeatball
"you frighten me" - shallowesque
"ugly, but in a timely manner" - kateristic
"I'm going to make this as gay as possible" - rockkei
"Miss, can you spare a dollar? I can't afford my methadone" - different strange man, also downtown
"get off your soap-box" - teacher

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Current Obsessions:
Making fun of Twilight, both the books and the movie...........(Nov '08-eternity)
Supernatural (wincest is creepy, still love the show though)...(Sept '09-)
Reading Dresden books and novellas................................(January '09-)

These songs
For What It's Worthby Buffalo Springfield
God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash - it just works as a SPN vid
Cmon Cmon by Von Bondies

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